Trackside Teen Center of Wilton

15 Station Rd, Wilton, CT 06897 - 203.834.2888

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Q. What does Trackside have to offer?

A. Trackside, Teen Center of Wilton boasts a myriad of different activities that attendees can participate in. The “Barn” is a 40 x 30 room used for dancing and concerts. It has a drop down projection screen that can be used for movies, video games, or computer presentations. The “Café” is a place that not only can teens purchase food, but also holds a pool table, air hockey, foosball and ping-pong tables. All of these games are free to play. The “Red Room” contains couches and chairs for meeting or just lounging and computer stations with internet access. The “XBOX” room features 4 Xbox 360's and games such as Guitar Hero World Tour and Halo. The “Dana Room” is a quiet area reserved for studying and meeting.  The “Movie Theater” holds a wide screen projection TV with surround sound and has Satellite, DVD, VCR and radio capabilities. Outside is a place where teens can play on a regulation size volleyball court and use our basketball hoop in the parking lot.

In addition to the staple elements, Trackside offers special events or activities like dances, karaoke, or workshops and organized games and arts & crafts projects.

Q. When does my child become eligible to attend Trackside?

A. After the last day of school, you child is eligible to start attending the upcoming grade’s events. For example, a current 5th grader can start attending middle school events and days because they are now a 6th grader at the last day of school. Same applies for an 8th grader and high school events.

Q. Is there a membership and how much does it cost?

A. There is no membership required to attend Trackside. All Wilton residents attending 6th – 12th grade, regardless of school location are eligible to enjoy the facilities of Trackside , as set forth in the  “hours of operation.” Any teen attending a Wilton public or private school is eligible to enjoy the Trackside facilities.

Trackside is free to attend during regular open hours. The only time teens have to pay is if they choose to participate in a special event or activity that has a fee associated with it.  Special events and classes will most likely have a fee associated with it, but there is no charge just to “hang out” on non-event/open nights. All events, activities and costs are listed on the calendar at  Scolarships are available for special events due to a generous grant from the Middlbrook PTA. Please contact Trackside. All requests will be kept confidential.

Q. Can I just stay and hang out with my child(ren)?

A. Sorry, but Trackside is a “parent-free” environment and we ask that parents wait in the foyer area when dropping off and picking up their child(ren).  Trackside staff will be happy to answer any questions or discuss any issues you might have at a convenient time and can give you a tour during our non-operational hours.

Q. Can my child leave Trackside?

A. Trackside is confident that parents will set rules and limits with their children before they arrive at Trackside. Trackside staff will try to discourage 6th, 7th & 8th graders from leaving the building and may even make a phone call to a parent to verify permission, but we cannot restrain a child from leaving our grounds. All special events have a no re-entry policy. If a child leaves the premises, he/she is not allowed to return to the event and some outside access may be restricted and/or limited at the discretion of the Trackside staff on duty.

Q. What can staff do if a child is hurt/injured at Trackside?

A. Trackside staff are trained to provide basic first aid and CPR. We have a first aid kit and if it is deemed necessary will contact a parent or emergency medical personnel. We are sorry but Trackside staff is unable to dispense or administer medication of ANY kind.

Q. How can I find out if there has been a cancellation or delay?

A. You can either call Trackside or check our website, A link from our website will show any cancellations due to weather. Trackside is closed or closes early if the Wilton Public Schools are closed, early dismissal, or cancellation of after school events.

Q. Is food available for purchase?

A. Yes! The Trackside Café is open for business whenever Trackside is open. Hot food items, snacks, and specials are available for purchase.