Trackside Teen Center of Wilton

15 Station Rd, Wilton, CT 06897 - 203.834.2888

SGB Mission Statement

Trackside supports Wilton teens by providing them a place within the community, other than home and school, where they can be involved in healthy socialization and gain experience in participating as a citizen in a productive manner. Trackside exists as a safe zone where teens can build social relationships and have fun in a safe, alcohol and drug free environment. 

Since Trackside’s motto is “For the Teens, By the Teens,” we rely on teen support and suggestions for all our programming. This is where SGB comes in. The SGB at Trackside functions as one of our links to the teen community. Members of the SGB serve as the representation of their peers, voicing ideas for fun, safe, and socially beneficial events as well as working on the logistics to implement those events. 

High School Team

While serving as positive role models for the Middle School SGB, High School SGB members will focus on creating, implementing, and promoting special events for High School students. Past special events have included concerts, movie nights, dances and parties.

Middle School Team

Trackside hosts Middle School Parties throughout the school year. Middle School SGB members will work together to decide on Friday theme party activities and help with promotion at Middlebrook. Middle School SGB members will also suggest new ideas for clubs and classes.

Meetings Schedule

The SGB will meet twice a month during the school year at Trackside.

High School SGB: Next Meeting TBA

Middle School SGB: Next Meeting TBA

Students who have not registered but are curious about joining the SGB are always welcome to attend. Bring a friend! 

Email to see when the next SGB meeting will be held.

We understand that students may have other after-school commitments and we will try to accommodate schedule conflicts as they come up. Students who cannot attend a meeting are asked to notify the program director at and will be expected to catch up on announcements and check in with their team members.

Contact Info

Any questions you may have should be directed to Trackside Program Director Amy Nassef by phone at (203) 834-2888 or by email at