Trackside,  Teen Center of Wilton

15 Station Rd, Wilton, CT 06897 - 203.834.2888

Week Day Happenings
Monday - Friday    3:15pm to 6:00pm
Every day all of our areas are open for a variety of activities including digital gaming, board games, cards, drawing, playing music...or any fun activity the kids want to hook up with.
Below is a line-up of our weekday special interests!

Mind Games Monday

Come down to Trackside and wrap your head around some strategy, skill, and fun. Bring your friends and a favorite game or borrow some of ours!

Anime and Illustrator Tuesdays
Come to Trackside after school and kick back with some anime shows and movies. We will have multiple areas with multiple screens to watch your favorites.

Come with some favorites in mind! Bring your device or sketch pad to work on your own too.

Gamer Thursdays

Cozy up to one of our 6 dedicated flatscreens or jump on the BIG screen in the barn for some competition. Bring your own system or use ours and DON'T FORGET...

 1st Monday of the month is our high school Supersmashbros Tournament and the 1st Thursday of the month is our middle school Supersmashbros Tournament!

Friday Night Movie

What's better after a long week of classes than kicking back to watch a cool movie, order some food from our Snackside Cafe, and start the weekend off right.

 Be sure to follow us on Instagram so that you can suggest a good movie each week.

Before attending Trackside events,

please read the following:

  • Guests must not use violence against any individual 
  • Guests must not use excessive inappropriate language
  • Guests must not damage Trackside property or equipment 
  • Guests must remain indoors during the parties/events
  • Photos may be taken during events for promotional purposes

For more information about events, contact Trackside at or 203-834-2888